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About Us

Welcome to the Most Beautiful Girl in Lagos – a beauty pageant dedicated to empowering women to embrace their beauty, strength, intelligence, and unique qualities, and to help transform their dreams into reality in Nigeria.

Our goal is to promote Lagos State as a tourist destination and attract investment in hospitality, tourism, and real estate, with a projected $20 million FDI by 2028.

Our MBGLAGOS 2023 campaign is focused on raising awareness and inspiring action against climate change. To achieve this, we will engage our beauty queens in projects such as tree planting, community sensitization, and clean-ups, among others.

The pageant is open to all female residents, non Nigerian inclusive, aged 18-27 years old, regardless of their origin or background.

By participating in the Most Beautiful Girl in Lagos pageant, contestants stand a chance to win amazing prizes, including an official car, 3 million naira, become global Climate Change Ambassador/advocate, Lagos Tourism Ambassador,  destination trips, and endorsement deals.         

Cooperate Social Responsibility

Save the Planet from Climate Change

We want to inspire people everywhere to take action against climate change by raising awareness about how each individual can make a difference. 

We engage our beauty queens in projects such as Tree planting, community sensitization, community clean-ups and lots more.

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